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Police telephone and interview procedures

Searched: 'Police procedure' 'interview procedure' with Canadian variation on each: google, wiki, and little details archives.
Canadian city, present day
Situation: A character is the first to find a murder scene on a university campus.  He calls the police, who take his statement.  They ask him to be available and let him return home. 


1. How would a telephone conversation go to make an interview time between him and the police station the next day? 
2. How would an interview be conducted in regards to a witness?  Is it pretty standard, cop drama type stuff?
3. I do know that unlike in CSI, forensic teams are usually not part of the interview process.  However, for other reasons, a forensics person must be present at this interview.  Would this person be allowed in that little two-way mirror room that other people listen into the interview? 
4. Because of circumstances, the character ends up being bumped onto the suspects list.  How would an interview end in this case?

I've never written anything to do with crime before, so any links would be really helpful.  Also, if there is anything wrong with the procedure I have so far, please point it out!  Thanks.
Tags: canada: government: law enforcement

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