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Indications of Buddhism

Our heroine is a teenaged girl (haven't decided exactly how old, haven't decided what exactly I'm doing with her--but at or between 12 and 18) who was born in Vietnam, then moved in with her American grandfather (she's 3/4 Vietnamese) when she was 8. She is, for complicated reasons, extraordinarily mature for her age. She is also a devout Buddhist.
What I'm trying to figure out is some comment or motion that would mark her, to an astute observer, as (probably) Buddhist, that might come up in casual conversation on non-religious topics.
Examples of the *kind* of thing I mean: a Wiccan greeting someone with "Blessed be", a Catholic crossing him/herself...
It can't be a physical object (ie the equivalent of rosary beads)--she wouldn't have access, for complicated reasons related to the first set.
(I have--no idea how to search this one)
Edit: thanks, everyone! That was quick! (though if anyone wants to add more details/suggestions, feel free...)
Tags: ~religion: buddhism

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