charactercomms (charactercomms) wrote in little_details,

bungee jumping and legality

My character is in Connecticut, the time is right now, and she's 17.

What I'm trying to find out is what the legal issues are regarding a minor going bungee jumping. I've googled the heck out of any phrase remotely like "bungee jumping laws" with and without Connecticut added on there. Does anyone have ANY idea if this is an issue? Does she need the consent of a guardian? If so, in person or just a signed form?

Also, I'm having a tough time even finding real bungee jumping locations/companies, so if anyone knows of any in Connecticut (preferably southwest CT--near New Haven) or nearby, like around NYC or Long Island or eastern NY in general, that would also be helpful, but is less important.

Tags: usa: connecticut, usa: government (misc), usa: new york (misc), ~sports (misc)

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