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Modern Day Stigmata?

The Stigmata- Holy Wounds- whatever you want to call them, have been around for ages, are the wounds on the hands, feet and side of the afflicted and are from God or there because one is mentally ill, according to some medical journals. Got that much from my classes and Google, but I can't seem to find if there were any recent cases of the Stigmata.

Terms Searched: Stigmata, Modern Account Of Stigmata, Modern Stigmata, all of those in quotes and out of and all I can find are books about the Stigmata, the saints who had it and articles the stigmata and Munchausen syndrome patients. I don't quite know what else to put in...
Also Wiki'd it and followed a link to Padre Pio, who had Stigmata.

Setting, plot and year: Don't really matter, but they are our day and age and my character is 13. He was studying religion when he blacks out and wakes up with his hands bleeding. I need his friend, who finds him, to either reassure him by saying 'it's okay, X had stigmata in 199X/200X' or 'Ohmigosh, you're the first person to have stigmata in, like a hundred years!', they know what it is already but I need to know the most recent recorded case so I can add that in.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~religion: christianity (misc)

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