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Who provides death notices?

Setting: modern US
Resources checked: Googled terms such as "informing family of death," "patient advocate," "who delivers news of death," and similiar
Problem: I can't find a consensus.

I'm working on a story wherein the main character has had to tell numerous people that their loved ones have died, and always tells the family that it was painless and the deceased didn't suffer--which is not always true. My issue is that I can't find solid information on who would have a job that entailed so much notification. I'm finding a lot of information regarding HOW to tell people, but WHO tells them seems to be fuzzier. Some sources I've found are suggestions for doctors on how to tell the family, others seem to be written for a non-medical employee--hence my search for "patient advocate."

Because it seemed like a position where someone would likely come up against many traumatic deaths that would then be lied about, I had initially thought this character might be an ER doctor. Realistically, do they do the informing in the case of a fatality, or is this left to a nurse, chaplain, or patient advocate? I want the main character's job to be realistic in this regard, so I don't want to make her an ER doctor if ER doctors rarely have to deal with this aspect of it.

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