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Dangerous neighbourhoods in Chino, California

Okay, so, without meaning to offend anyone who might live in Chino . . . I really need to know what general <i>residential</i> areas of the city would currently be considered to be dangerous to live in.  (Absolutely no prizes for guessing which fandom I'm writing for here).  For the characters and background story I'm working with I need the area to be low-income housing and generally a place where you don't want to wander into by accident.  Ideally it should be an area name, or a street name that can be dropped that would scare anyone living in the nicer parts of Chino.  It does not have to be well-known outside of Chino (i.e. I don't care if the reader gets it or not, I'm just doing this for accuracy).

Uh, I hope that all makes sense.

Things researched:
I have googled any and all variations on 'Chino' 'neighborhoods' 'districts' 'notorious' 'dangerous' etc, etc.
I have been to the Chino city website, and the Chino PD website; I have looked at crime statistics and census statistics for the city and individual areas; I have looked at neighbourhood finders; I have looked at newspapers; I have looked up the locations of free medical clinics and yet no matter what place I found that seemed like the perfect match, as soon as I went on google earth I find out that the entire area had swimming pools.  I even spent an hour trying to track down live police scanner feeds for the county in the hopes that a certain road might pop up quite often and of course, San Bernadino county was the one place that I couldn't find a feed for.

I'm at the end of my rope here people.  Can someone please help me?
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