Adhara Phoenix (adhara) wrote in little_details,
Adhara Phoenix

Drugs in a hospital pharmacy

I've been trying in google for days but nothing ever came out of that - I'm not a native speaker so maybe I'm just not using the right words, hope no one gets cross if the answer is right there.

So some background and my question: 400 years in the future, nuclear war fought 350 years before. My main character works as some sort of cleaner-helper in a hospital, which means she only has the most superficial medical knowledge. A friend asks her to open a pharmacy room so they can grab whatever she wants. They're focused in two types of medicine: one that lowers any kind of inhibitions and produce euphoria and recklesness, some sort of speed I suppose, and really strong sleeping pills.

So I have the sleeping pills more or less sorted out, but what kind of legal medicine would someone with a relatively good knowledge of street drugs choose, if they were left alone in a hospital pharmacy? It's better if it's quite new, since the hospital is quite the shit hole, so anything new right now would suit just fine in a lousy town 400 years in the future :)

Thanks a lot!

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