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Coin-operated fortune telling machines - Seattle-specific.

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I have a modern-day story set in Seattle. Down along the Sound, in Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe is a coin-operated fortune telling machine, 'Estrella's Prophecies'. It's been literally almost two decades since i've been there and put a coin into the machine... Here's what i would really, really love...

If a Seattle resident could actually go to YOCS and put in a coin? Or a dollar - i have *no idea* how much it costs any more. And tell me what happens. Does Estrella move? Does her head bob, her hands wave? Does she have a spread of tarot cards laid out in front of her or something else?

And when you get your 'fortune' - what's on the card? Or is it printed on paper now? Does it have, say, lottery numbers as well as a 'fortune' or just words? What's it look like? Does the machine make noise, play music?

Any help at all - from someone who actually goes there or who has been there in the last couple of years, would be a great help. I called the shop to be sure the machine was actually there - long distance, heh - but couldn't keep the guy on the line for the time i needed to get all the answers.

I also googled that particular machine and other fortune telling machines but the information was slim and mostly about either 'they had a machine there as well as...' or places where you could buy them.


And if you *do* go and spend money on Estrella, i'd happily reimburse you.
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