In a heaven of people only some want to fly (chipmunk_planet) wrote in little_details,
In a heaven of people only some want to fly

What is the "adam's apple" called in Chinese?

This is for a far future story. I don't want to use the term Adam's apple because this culture has a strong Chinese influence. What is the bump on the front of a man's throat called in Chinese? (Mandarin or Cantonese, either is fine)

I've googled "chinese dictionary", "chinese translation", "chinese anatomy dictionary", "anatomy chinese".

Thanks for your help.

(eta: I can't use links with Chinese characters since I don't have those fonts installed and I don't read Chinese. I'm looking for the literal translation, as "Adam's apple" refers to neither Adam nor an apple and is a strongly Western cultural term. Sorry that wasn't clear.)

(edited again: Thank you! Just what I needed to know!)
Tags: ~languages: chinese

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