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artist/group with a Sitar!

ok, I wants some specific information, but I didnt know about how to google it, so I'm asking here, so I can get a more human response, from experience.

I wants to have my character able to reference something modern with a Sitar in it, when talking with another character. The key is the Sitar, as its going to be important later on in the plot. It's set in the US, in the present.

So, my real question is, does anyone know any rather modern artists/groups (can't be the Beatles, that messes up the storyline) that use a Sitar? It would be really helpful if one of the bands you like has some in it, cause I need something someone can vouch for as a decent band, I don't want my character referencing a crappy band.

It doesnt matter if it's mainstream/underground, indian/non-indian, as long as it is modern and has a Sitar (it would be nice if it was something on iTunes, so I can listen to a bit of it, to know what it's like)

UPDATE!: Awsome, guys! I got more than enough perfect choices, thanks a ton!
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