napthia9 (napthia9) wrote in little_details,

Politics, mostly

New poster, many questions.

1.)What's the minimum age requirement for state governor of Kentucky, and if someone was running for the position, what issues would they talk about? What would their voter base be?
2.)What kind of major would a campaign manager have, and what would he/she really be in charge of? When would they get hired? When does the campaigning season of Kentucky really take off, anyway?
3.) What sort of classes would future campaign managers/lawyers/business executives be taking together in senior year of college?
4.)A middle-to-elderly woman gets sick, and spends around ten to fifteen years more or less in the hospital, whereupon, she dies. What disease does she get? Edited cause I mean't Kentucky, not Kansas. *weeps softly for lack of geograpical knowledge*

Merci beaucoup!
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