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Waardenburg Syndrome and Skiing Towns in the Pacific Northwest

I have two questions that my Google-fu was unable to answer. Please note that the story is taking place in the present time.

1) How likely would it be that an adolescent male diagnosed with Type II Waardenburg Syndrome would have bilateral profound deafness? My research has only revealed that profound deafness can occur in those with Waardenburg Syndrome, as well as bilateral deafness, but I have yet to find anything conclusive either way. I want to know whether or not it's a possibility and, if so, does it happen with any sort of frequency, or is it too rare for me to use believably?

2) I'm searching for a skiing town in the Northwestern part of the United States, preferably in the Oregon/Washington area. I don't want a popular brand-name resort town, or a charming little village. I certainly don't want it to be kitschy, or an aging hippie paradise. I want a lesser known, more remote town where the population in the off-season is rather small (about 5,000 to 7,000 within city limits), and the town itself is rather dreary. While there can be pricy second-homes, I don't want the permanent residences to be extremely expensive. I want a working-class community, not a town with a large retiree population. If it's too much to ask for a skiing town, then a town that serves as a gateway to ski resorts would work as well.

I don't even really know if places like this exist; when I try to research "ski towns Pacific Northwest" I inevitably get results of more popular (or populous) communities than what I want. I suppose no one wants to advertise their town as "second rate ski resort", but it would be oh so helpful.
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