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Negative effects of weather control?

Time: Current day, give or take a few months
Place: United States (non-essential detail, really)
Search Terms: negative effects of weather control, repercussions of weather control, cons of weather control, weather control, problems of weather control, literary examples of weather control (all on google/wikipedia)

I've been writing a story set in modern-day America, featuring a college-age girl. She's been recruited by a scientifically superior group of aliens to enact positive changes on Earth. I've been writing them for a set of monthly prompts given to me, and I'm up to 'weather'. I'd decided to do a piece about how nasty the weather was in her city (rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, mudslides, what have you) and her deciding to ask her alien buddies with help in enacting changes in the weather. And they say either no, or not yet.

I've searched all over googling things for an attempt to discover reasons why weather change would be, in the long run, a bad idea for worldwide climate, people, etc. Because we don't have much by way of weather control technology, there's not much that I've been able to find regarding negative aspects to controlling weather that isn't conspiracy-theorist-craziness.

I'm open to science-fiction examples, or actual studies on what's happened with what we've done.
Tags: ~climate/weather

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