xoozle (xoozle) wrote in little_details,

Assistance dogs

I'm trying to find more information on the training of Assistance or Service dogs.  I've googled both of those terms, plus training, and variations, but have come up with only very general information, and a list of companies.  I've also searched the tags in this forum.

The situation: Present day.  I've got a character who has a medical condition that could cause him to be harmful of others and himself.  While he is under medication, certain circumstances will trigger violent outbursts if he isn't careful, and so he has an assistance dog to a) stop him from entering those situations and b) restrain him if he does have an outburst.  What I need is info on how a dog is trained to act like in these situations, what kind of commands it might be given, how the dog would detect danger, and so on.

Thanks in advance!

Tags: ~animals (misc)

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