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Citbibank branches in Manhattan and private airports in New York

Hi everyone! I need help from people who live in New York or know the city well.

I'm currently writing a fic where one of my main characters robs a bank in Manhattan and the other is a Special Agent at the FBI who wants to stop him. It's set in 2007.

I have two questions now:

# 1 My problem is that I'd need a branch of Citibank in Manhattan that would be worth robbing. When searching Google and Wikipedia, I came across a list of branches but this doesn't help me decide which of the branches are actually frequented a lot (hence where great amounts of money can be expected) and would be "worth robbing". The branch should not be attached to the Citibank headquarters in 399 Park Avenue because otherwise the bank robber's plan won't make any sense.

# 2 Could anyone tell me about small, private airports in/close to NYC. The bank robber escapes from the bank in Manhattan with a helicopter and flies to the airport (maybe 30 minutes), where he continues his escape in a private jet. Wikipedia gave me a huge list of airports, could someone give me any advice on a good selection?

Thanks in advance.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city

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