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Dissociative Amnesia and remembering

Hello, this is another question on one of fiction's most used plot device, amnesia. Kind of long and thorough, this post is.

Background: My 23-year old male character and his father were gunned down while driving a car by members of a rival gang of the son's lover. Dad is almost instantly killed by the gunfire. This is witnessed by the son. He is shot as well. The car crashes. Dad dies, but the son survives, although he ends up in a coma and severely injured. 

The son to wakes up, and initially remembers about the crash. He gets hysterical about it, because he feel extremely guilty about the death (he feels he is to blame, for involving himself with his lover and his dealings, despite his father's warnings), and tries to kill himself, but is prevented by the hospital and his mother. And then, one day, he's found calm, and later on, it's discovered that he seems to have forgotten some details about the crash and that he has forgotten all about his lover.

The question is, is it possible and plausible that through this event, a person may forget not only most of what happened (the shooting and the crash), but also his lover as well?

I googled on amnesia, and ran across dissociative amnesia, which is amnesia caused by overwhelming stress and psychological trauma (rather than the usual blow to the head). I also ran across a subtype of it, which is systematized amnesia, which is characterized by memory loss for a specific category of information. For example, a man may be missing all information/memory about one specific family member.

Basically, I want him not to remember his lover - his name, what he looks like, what he does etc., what happened between the two of them, but at the same time he remembers the people he met before the crash, but is also connected to his lover. The son eventually becomes the lover of another man who is a 'business associate' of his forgotten lover. He remembers he met him because of 'someone', but he can't remember who this 'someone' is. When he sees his 'forgotten' lover's bodyguards, he remembers seeing them before, but can't recall where, or who they work for. It's like his memories of his lover was a picture, and his mind crops the image of  his lover out of it.  

I was wondering if I could use dissociative amnesia and systematized amnesia to justify his condition, or is there another form of amnesia or psychological condition that could work on this.

I also want him to react like the following, but I'm not sure about the plausibility of them. So is it possible that:

1. Every time he sees something/or someone that strongly triggers the memory of his lover (like seeing his lover in person), he gets hysterical and blacks out because he relives the death of his father? Then he forgets all over again. 

Thank  you for all your help. I feel a little over the top with this plot, and I want it to be more realistic. It sounds a bit soap opera-ish to me.

Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia

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