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Teen Vampire Books You'd Be Embarrassed to be Caught With

Background Information: Eighteen-year-old girl in present-day America (more specific location unspecified) in a public library. She's applying to be a shelf-stocker. Librarian remembers her as someone who's read most of their vampire books--mortified, my character asks, "Oh, man--no one actually remembers me taking out __________, right?"

The Question: What's a really, really bad teen vampire book for her to be embarrassed about? It should hopefully be really, really bad even in comparison to standard teen vampire books. Preferably not Anne Rice--enough people like her that I wouldn't think it would be absolutely mortifying. (The character has read more than teen vampire books, but I figure that these would be the most potentially embarrassing.)

The Searches: I've done a few brief searches, but in addition to mostly coming up with actual summaries (a teen vampire's worst fear, or her bad news, or . . .), I also think soliciting opinions rather than trolling the web for reviews would get better results. It should offer a more focused response, anyhow--I get the feeling that internet reviewers can probably get pretty petty about things that aren't actually very bad.


EDIT: Decided to go with Christopher Pike (in general). Thanks for everything--I may end up having to read some of these suggestions . . .

EDIT 2: Scratch that, going with Lynsay Sands' vampire romances, since it really would be more mortifying to be caught with a Romance Novel. Thanks!
Tags: ~vampires witches and werewolves oh my

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