Wrath (twilit_wrath) wrote in little_details,

On Being Stabbed Through the Neck

Darn it, Google! Give me something besides lists of people who were stabbed through the neck in horror movies, please.

Okay, I'm fairly certain that it is possible to survive being stabbed through the neck provided you don't choke on your blood first, yes? About how long would that take? My character does sacrificial murder disguised as paid assassinations, and the first thing he does is plunge the knife into the guy's neck and pull downwards, over the ribcage. I'm thinking the guy should be able to survive this for at least another thirty seconds or so. I mean, his heart hasn't been damaged at all yet.

And in the same line, what are the odds that someone would die instantly, or close to it, after that?

Thank you in advance for all your help.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds
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