Connor (fenoxielo524) wrote in little_details,

Early Jazz Records

Setting: 1917/18, Southern Louisiana, small unnamed town near New Orleans
Googled: original dixieland jazz band, original dixieland jazz band first record, original dixieland jazz band phonograph

I know that the Original Dixieland Jazz (or Jass) Band recorded the first jazz record in 1917 for the Victor Talking Machine Company, and I know that the record was comprised of the songs "Livery Stable Blues" and "Dixie Jass Band One Step," both of which I have listened to. But my question is: would this first record have been a cylinder or a flat disc? From Wikipedia's gramophone record article, I've learned that discs first were used in 1894, but it also talks about Edison coming out with a new cylinder in 1912. So would this particular record have been a cylinder or a disc? And if it was a cylinder, what kind of packaging would it have come in? Does anyone happen to know of anywhere I could see a picture of the packaging to give an accurate description?

Thank you!
Tags: ~music

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