Lauren (disney711) wrote in little_details,

Mayo Clinic/Rochester, MN - day to day life

Background: My character, a sixteen year old boy, and his family will be going to Rochester, Minnesota, to see his aunt at the Mayo Clinic. The aunt is currently an outpatient, but during his visit, she will be taking a turn for the worse and be admitted as an inpatient.

I've looked up information as far as medical things for his aunt, things like that. What I'm looking for is just things about Rochester or about the Mayo Clinic. What should be known about the clinic as far as my character and his family being there a lot. Is it basically just like a normal hospital? And anything special about Rochester that I should know? I have them staying at a hotel in downtown Rochester, a few blocks from the clinic, and they've got a rental car, so they'll have their own transportation. So, anything that anyone can let me know as far as day-to-day life at the Mayo Clinic or in Rochester would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, usa: minnesota

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