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Traveling to Mauritius?

My characters are taking a trip to Mauritius (the setting is present day...like two weeks from now lol). I've searched a bunch of details about the island and have a lot of good stuff, and I'm still researching. What I'm looking for is ...well, firsthand experiences, I guess, if anyone here has been to Mauritius. Specifically the sugar museum, the aquarium, La Vanille Crocodile Park, Casela Bird Park, Grand Bay, and the Pamplemousses botannical gardens. Anything you guys can tell me would be appreciated!

Also, I did a mockup of the itinerary to see what price was like, flight times and hotels they could stay at, etc. The flight (from Washington DC) is two days...but it doesn't say anything about a layover, just one flight listed from DC to Mahebourg. Could it just be skipping a step that would be confirmed during the actual booking, or is it really possible to have a non-stop flight for that long? oO

Thanks in advance for any help!
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