Your Shrimpiness (hartofsilver) wrote in little_details,
Your Shrimpiness

Removing a screw from a broken bone

I couldn't find anything about this (or even really about healing time in general) on wikipedia and I didn't have time to do a full out google search (and wasn't sure what to type in the search field), so I thought I'd come here. Hopefully I followed the

For a compound fracture, how far into the healing process would the doctor remove the screw? (And right now, I'm working on the assumption that the compound fracture would take 5 months to heal, so if that is also inacurate, please correct me.)

It's set in Canada in the 80's if that makes a difference.

Also, the character smokes. I did come across one thing in my searches that said that nicotine can delay the healing time, so if that's true, please take that into account.

Thanks in advance.

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