frimfram (frimfram) wrote in little_details,

Electoral canvassing in modern US cities

Hey folks. I want to get some impressions of political canvassing in U.S. cities.

I understand from The Great Wiki that it's commonplace for political parties to canvass ahead of elections, including by calling door-to-door (field canvassing). What I can't quite work out is whether this is limited to smaller towns, or extends to urban metropolitan areas. My specific scenario involves a couple in an apartment in New York (in 1998). They live in a walk-up, in the kind of area where students and twenty-somethings on fairly modest incomes would live - far from full-on ghetto, but not upmarket either. Is it plausible that political party supporters might call at their door to get out the vote for an election (to the Senate)? What other kinds of election canvassing might they experience? I gather that many people receive automated phonecalls. Are those just recordings? During those calls, do you get any opportunity/are you obliged to speak to a real person? Would real-person calling sometimes be substituted for automated messages?

Many thanks for your help.

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