Na zdraví (ellettra) wrote in little_details,
Na zdraví

prevalence of tattoos in the early 1920s (in the US)?

i have a girl passing as a boy in 1920 in chicago. i would like her to have a tattoo. does anyone know the prevalence of tattoos at that time? would it be far-fetched that she might have a rather large back piece?

additionally, i'm considering having her GET the tattoo in the story, versus already having it when my heroine meets her. does anyone have information about what tattooing procedures were like then? or where one might have gone? i have several tattoos myself, but i suspect the places one went to procure a tattoo were drastically different back then.

all suggestions, replies appreciated, and thank you in advance!

ETA: Thank you all for your help. Sorry I wasn't aware of the new rules regarding posting which web searches have already been done. between your assistance and my own research, i think i'm satisfied. thanks again!
Tags: ~body modification: tattoos

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