majolika (majolika) wrote in little_details,

in need of a Swedish sentence

I posted that request over at linguaphiles yesterday, but had no luck; perhaps I find a friendly Swedophone here who would help me out?

I need a Swedish sentence which a minor demon creature could yell/splutter while escaping from a running washing machine. (I'm thinking along the lines "hot! wet! help!" plus some heavy swearing at the girl who's the perpetrator of his torture ("omgwtf you little pest what do you think you are doing §%&$?*§" or anything else really; should be very unfriendly but please without any sexual reference (no "fucking" etc.) and not the latest slang; it's present time but the yelling character might be considered a bit old-fashioned.)

No chance with google etc., sorry.

EDIT: thank you, I have what I need. How I love this community.
Tags: ~languages: swedish
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