Sylvia (rheasilvia) wrote in little_details,

popular drinks in Boston gay bar

Hi everyone,

this isn't the kind of question that can be googled effectively, so I hope you can help me out. :-)

What kind of drinks is a barkeeper usually called upon to serve in an East Coast gay dance club / gay bar? I'm assuming coke and beer (what kinds of beer would be likely?) will be the most popular, followed by some varieties of hard liquor (whisky? vodka?) and a few particularly popular, "trendy" mixed drinks (including, perhaps, one specialty of the house)... with more exotic longdrinks and cocktails being the exception.

What I'm hoping for is some idea of the basic repertoire of drink recipes a barkeeper needs to know for everyday purposes, and a notion of whether he'd basically just be mixing one or two drinks (screwdrivers? cuba libres? bloody marys? ...?) all night in between handing out beer bottles and shot glasses for whisky.

If it matters: This is a popular gay bar in a fairly good downtown location in Boston, present time. I was thinking that it could be in the Back Bay area, but this isn't fixed yet, so if you have advice on location, that would be cool, too. :-)

Any help is much appreciated - thank you!
Tags: usa: massachusetts

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