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Vocal Cord Regrowth

The Search Terms: variations on vocal cords, vocal folds, regrowth, removal -- the majority of what I found was in medical-ese, which I had difficulty decoding, or not useful ^^;;

The Setting: Something akin to 18th Century England, though it's a fantasy setting

The Situation: Higher class citizens have their vocal cords removed around the age of three, as a way to purify their souls and bring them closer to their God. Not everyone is deemed pure/good/rich enough to have this procedure done, and it's a sign of class as well as religious piety.

The Questions: Even though this is a fantasy novel, I want to keep this aspect as realistic as possible. As such, would it be possible that, after removal of the vocal cords, someone could have their cords naturally grow back? If so, how long would it take and what sort of sounds would they be able to make? If not, would they be able to develop other ways of mildly cognizant sound?

Thanks in advance, guys!
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