Just a Janelly (ladyjanelly) wrote in little_details,
Just a Janelly

Men's suits

I need a name for a designer of men's suits that a man who is fairly metro-sexual and moderately  fashion concious would recognize and be impressed by.  

Is Armani still in that category, or are they doing too much ready-to-wear stuff these days?  

Any suggestions on websites would be cool, but first-hand impressions of how a high-quality suit feels to touch would be great.

I've got a guy stumbling across a suit in another man's closet, and I want him to be 1)surprised at the extravagence of this guy having this suit and 2)really want to see him in it.

Any suggestions?

EDIT:  Modern, normal earth.  Americans living in Vancouver.  The suit in question would be about 7 yrs old, but well cared for.

EDIT II: Thanks guys. I think I'll go with Zegna.
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