it really, really, really could happen (willowcabin) wrote in little_details,
it really, really, really could happen

Hialeah, Florida.

So, guys. Hialeah, Florida.

I've read a little about it, as much information as I can find on the web, but does anyone know what it's like to live there? What kind of people live there? What do kids do for fun? What are the schools like? Is there rivalry between them?

I'm writing about a kid from Hialeah and I really want as much information on the area as I can get. Just stupid stuff like, how long does it take to drive to the beach, and what the public transport system is like, and how hot it usually is. Information about what it's like to live there, not statistics about the population or anything. Any information at all - really, anything at all - would be so very appreciated. Thank you! ♥
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