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Novice shooter at a range in 1990s America

America in the mid to late 1990s, in a state somewhere between Oklahoma and Washington DC. (Particular state can be chosen as most appropriate, depending on gun control laws and so on.)

Read Wikipedia articles on "Shooting range" and "Shooting ranges in the United States." Googled for "shooting range," "shooting range how to" and "shooting range first time." Suggestions for better search terms would be appreciated!

The scenario:
Two female FBI agents are on a road trip, driving back to Washington DC with a twelve-year-old boy in tow. They decide to teach the boy how to shoot; he has never used a gun before. They stop at a shooting range which has an indoor handgun range; ideally this is the sort of place where few questions are asked and where you don't need to do any paperwork. (I've read that shooters under 18 need a legal guardian present, and neither of these women is the boy's legal guardian.) They decide to have the boy use one of their guns (Sig Sauer semiautomatic pistols) rather than renting one for him.

The questions:
Since I have never shot a gun before, and know almost no one who has, there are going to be quite a few! Would the FBI's standard service weapon be considered an unusual choice for teaching a twelve-year-old boy how to shoot? If so, what would be suggested as a more manageable alternative? How well would a novice shooter be expected to do on his first time around? More generally I'm interested in the procedure that's followed on a shooting range. What would the experience be like, and what would the boy find striking about it? What sort of instruction would they offer him? Is there anything else that I ought to know? Accounts of personal experiences, or pointers to articles offering them, would be very much appreciated.

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