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13th Century Europe (esp. clothing, society, architecture)

Setting: a fantasy realm, but based off of 13th-century Europe
Searched: I've searched both Google and Wikipedia using assorted keywords. "thirteenth century", "thirteenth century clothing", "thirteenth century costume", "thirteenth centry europe", "thirteenth century europe costume/clothing", etc. (I've tried replacing "thirteenth century" with "13th century", as well, and gone through the Google directory.) I've also checked two books (Life in a Medieval Castle and Life in a Medieval City) out from my school library and gone through them. So I have a general idea of the clothing, society, and architecture. I've found a couple good sites, too.

Question: Really, I'm looking for any little details you guys can provide as applicable to 13th-century Europe. Most pressingly details on clothing, society, and architecture at the time. I'd really like sites/books with PICTURES, please, because a lot of the ones I've looked at are lacking in that department (I realise it's difficult to find visual evidence for the 13th century, seeing as they didn't have cameras, but...yeah). I know that the architecture I'm looking at is Gothic, and that I'm really trying to focus on clothing for the rich, and for knights. Clothing for the poor I know is really basic. Also, I CAN afford to ad-lib on this a bit, but I'm a stickler, and would prefer to have a strong background in this stuff before I try to mess around with it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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