Claire (darknepenthe) wrote in little_details,

I'll try to keep this brief

1) Yay! this community.

2) Now, I'm pretty sure Jesus's name wasn't originally "Jesus." What I mean is, if people did indeed walk around and talk to him in 20 AD or so, they probably didn't address him as "Jesus." It was most likely something closer to "Jesu" or "Yeshua" or ... you know what I mean. I'm no expert in religions, which is unfortunate, since everything I write always ends up involving some weird religious factor or other. So, a question: What did they say? Does anyone know for sure? The original Hebrew, and not some time-altered or anglicized version. I've tried to look it up on Google, but I always get three billion-or-so anti-abortion sites as a result, which are not what I want and hard to sort through, to boot.
More than the original pronunciation/spelling of Jesus, however, I'd really like to know if the name "Mary" has always been "Mary." That's the real meat of my question, but I thought it would be easier to illustrate with "Jesus," for some reason. Same case as above, only with Jesus's mother. Would she have introduced herself as "Mary," or as something different? And did she have anything like a surname? I know the other Mary was "Magdalene," and Judas had "Iscariot," but that's all I can think of.

3)Thanks in advance, anyone better-versed in Biblical lore than I!

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