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Bullet wounds to the leg and arm

I have a question about bullet wounds.  I googled different combinations of arm, leg, bullet wound, and recovery, and the best that google came up with was this:

"Gunshots are more realistically portrayed in "Beyond the Sea". Usually on TV when someone is shot in the leg, about all that happens is the victim limps around and bleeds a little from a very neat entrance wound (and there is rarely an exit wound, for whatever reason). Mulder's injury in that episode was very realistically done. His femur (the thigh bone) was probably fractured or at least chipped, and there was a huge, life- threatening blood loss from the rupture of the femoral artery. Rupture of that artery (either from the bullet itself or from shattered bone fragments) could certainly have caused the spurting which left Mulder's blood spattered on the white cross above him. The measures depicted in the Emergency Room were completely realistic. Some might wonder why he was given oxygen, since he was shot in the leg, and not in the chest. One of the functions of the blood is to carry oxygen around the body. When there is a major blood loss, there are fewer red blood cells to do this, so 100% oxygen is given by mask to help the remaining red cells do their job. Until Mulder's condition was stable, he would be closely monitored in ICU. After a few days, when his blood loss had been compensated for by transfusions and IV fluids, he would have been moved to a surgical or trauma unit. The location of the fracture of the femur so close to the hip and groin would mean that it would not be placed in a cast. It would, however, have taken several weeks or months of physical therapy to get him in any condition to return to active duty."

This was great, but it doesn't quite fit with what I'm writing about. In my writing, a 26-year-old man is shot twice. One bullet hits his calf muscle, and the other hits his thigh muscle. His bones are not hit. What I want to know is:
1) How long might he be in the hospital?
2) When could he walk again?
3) How long might he limp?


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