Kya (pinkpapyrus) wrote in little_details,


I'm writing a story about pirates based in a fantasy world. If anybody can help me with the theoretical/practical side of being a pirate (laugh if you want--it sounds absurd to me, too), I'd very much appreciate it.

*I have nine characters on the ship. What types of ships could be maintained by a crew that small? My setting is similar to ancient Rome (mainly fourth century), if that helps. Forget setting. I think I may end up changing the timeframe as I research this more thoroughly.

*On that note, what kind of duties are the crew responsible for? (Master & Commander is still on my shelf, sixteen pages read.) When I searched on Google, I got results for larger crews.

*What must the crew do with the ship before retiring to bed? Taking down the sails, setting anchor--that kind of thing.

*And last question: What takes place on a ship at night? There must be some crew on deck around the clock.

Thank you in advance!

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