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Trends in modern Japanese housing; motorcycle size

Hi; I have a couple of questions.

1) I'm working on a fanfic set in a future, rebuilt Tokyo, Japan; the city was destroyed in the 80s and has been rebuilt, 30 years on. (Fandom is Akira, btw.) Googling and wiki-ing with terms such as 'modern Japanese house' 'modern Japanese flat' 'modern Japanese apartment', etc, has yielded me the information that an average, not particularly expensive Japanese apartment would have one communal room used for living, eating and sleeping in, plus separate kitchen and bathroom/toilet. Unfortunately I didn't do research until after I'd written my first draft, so the flat where several scenes take place (and in which a family live) has one main room with a kitchen area at one end and separate bedrooms and bathroom. How likely is it that this would be the case, considering the circumstances of the city? Is it at all plausible or should I rewrite? (I don't feel it's okay to 'just make it up' as it's not like I know much about Japan so I don't feel I'd be making informed decisions.)

On a similar note, how likely is it that the people living in such a flat would sleep on beds as opposed to futons? I've googled 'Japanese bed' 'Japanese bedroom' but it hasn't turned up much; just the odd mention that Japanese houses are becoming more Western-looking, which isn't specific enough for me. Any help or suggestions on better search terms would be great!

2) Character A is a tall, well-built teenage boy with a motorbike, which he's pretty experienced at riding. Character B is a small, skinny teenage girl who comes up to about A's shoulder. A and B swap bodies. If A tries to ride his bike in B's body, how difficult will it be? I've seen it said that when looking for a bike, it's good to make sure you can straddle it and stand flat-flooted. If A can't now do that, how difficult/dangerous will it make riding, considering that he is confident and experienced on a bike despite the change? (I'm not sure how to Google this as there doesn't seem to be much info on 'if you suddenly change size, it will affect your riding like so...' but if anyone's got any suggestions, that'd be cool ^^)

Thank you!
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