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Art Museum Job

Setting: Modern day fictitious US city (New York City-type-ish)

Problem: I have a young 20-ish something, with a Art and History degrees (i'm being vague on purpose because it's not a necessary detail). She needs to have a job at an Art Museum, where she will have hands on experience with something to do with the art/exhibits brought into the museum. Cataloging, authenticating (though I don't think she'd have the experience for this), cleaning/preparing... just something.

Requirements of the job: Mostly independent work, with some small team work possibly required. Out of the public eye (I don't want her to have public interaction at all). Something that requires an art/history degree, hence letting her use it. Dress code being comfortable and workable.

The pay doesn't matter much. I don't want her to have a lot of money. (And in fact, her having to take a second job works best.)

Any ideas on what I can give her as a title? I don't care how 'assistant' it is, or how minor. I just need something and looking at various art museum websites is not giving me an idea on what the jobs they have listed entail.

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