PockySami (soapbox_queen) wrote in little_details,

Parisian Clothing and Life

What would clothing have been like for a prostitute in Paris when she was ... plying her trade? What about when she wasn't? What was the clothing like for her clientele and those she lived around?

Would she have been able to afford food and her own living space? Or would she have lived in a brothel?

As an afterthought, can someone point me to a good page on the true effects of Absinthe and how it was viewed culturally the 1890's in Paris?


Wasn't thinking properly when I posted this, so here it is again with a bit more detail. For fashion, I tried looking in a variety of fashion history books, but found mainly what respectable women and girls would have worn; this isn't precisely appropriate as my characters are independent street girls in the 1890s. As for absinthe, I had no idea where to look as it is a rather touchy and debated subject. I was leery to simply Google it as a majority of sites are somewhat tainted.

Sorry for the confusion!

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