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law school - family member orientation

Searched - Wikipedia under law school, the LSAC's webpage, google under "law school family orientation", "family members of law students", and similar terms

Question - My character's partner is beginning his first year of law school, and my character is going to go to the orientation they offer for family members, spouses, etc. I really want to write a scene about this because I think it has potential to be very interesting, but I have no idea what goes on at these except in the very general terms that it's supposed to help the family understand what the law student is going through. So what I'm hoping someone will be able to provide is as many specifics as possible (or where I might find first-hand accounts). I'm interested in things like what's said ("your spouse will try to kill you and/or himself over the next year..."), whether it was helpful and gave an accurate idea of what the student would be going through, what kind of format it was (question and answer? speakers?) and basically anything that you can think of.

Takes place in the US but is law school and region non-specific. The school is in a city and is most probably a public school.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: usa: education: higher education

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