The Guindo (theguindo) wrote in little_details,
The Guindo

Orphanages in London

Modern day, char in question is around 17/18ish and this would pertain to some time about 10 years back or so. I've got some results by googling London Orphanages, but I've tried British orphanages, child care homes, british orphans, british orphan care, and I can't quite find what I'm looking for.

I keep getting results for the closed down London Orphan Asylum, but I need an orphanage that's still open and running. Char in question was between 4 and 6 and there for two years before being adopted, and was living in east London when orphaned.

I found the Regent's Park Boys home but can't actually seem to find INFO on it outside of the name. I'd like an orphanage that keeps boys and girls but a boy's home is okay if it's the only one available. Thing is, I need INFO on it and I can't find that!

So basically, I need an institution that he'd be sent to, and information on that institution.

I'd also appreciate anything you could tell me about growing up in an orphanage at that age, if anybody's got the information to give. I need to know what his experience there may have been like.
Tags: ~custody & social services

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