albion's murderous dumpling (interstellar) wrote in little_details,
albion's murderous dumpling


Hey, long time reader, first time poster. My question is fairly simple. I did google it, but I was hoping for a more exact result.

Background: Okay, so we've got two teenage boys (fifteen and sixteen, respectively) going to Cairo for a week trip. They're mainly going to see Character A's family (Character B is a close friend and accompanying him for whatw ill shape up to be a traumatic event). The two boys haven't known each other for long but they're already close. They're traveling alone but meeting up with family at the airport. Character A (who grew up in Cairo) is from an upper-middle class background, but is not particularly sheltered and knows the city well. (unfortunately, I don't know the city very well, hence my asking)

So, what sights would someone who grew up in Cairo show a fairly intellectual friend who had never been there or been exposed to the culture? Are there any things that he would tell his friend to specifically avoid saying/doing?

I ask because often people who are native to a city have very different ideas of what is must-see than the tourist board. I knwo that when peopl visit my city, I certainly don't take them to the top tourist spots :D
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