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stench of carcasses

I'm not even sure where to begin googling for this...

How long does the smell of a dead human body linger? If it helps, this is a body underground in a cavernous-type place.

Now... having asked that, how long would the smell linger of thousands (okay maybe hundreds, I can't decide-- just a very large amount that'll make you go "...Holy shit :|" if you saw it) of dead human bodies littering the floor of a very large underground chamber, very far underground? To be helpful, these bodies have been laying around for hundreds of years, soo~ they'd be pretty skeletal by now (right?) But I want to know if when my characters come upon this place, would they be reeling from the smell, would it be a vague, lingering twinge of a smell, or would it have faded off by now? There are no immediate vents to the ground's surface in this place, it's pretty much a confusion of tunnels and gradual to sharp inclines.

If there wouldn't BE a smell, what would it take for there to still be one after all this time?
Tags: ~forensics: corpses

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