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A Catholic Question

EDIT: I think I've got what i need. Just to clarify, the choir robes were not being used as choir robes, it was an emergency and they were handy, although if there aren't like;y to be choir robes i suppose i could use altar robes. Although i wanted all black. Ah well. I think I've got what I need, though. Much thanks.

This is really more for confirmation than anything, because google and television stereotypes have been pretty helpful for this project.

Setting: United States of America, LA, Modern Day

A decent sized parish has a couple of priests running around, one of the more junior ones comes into the church on a wednesday, very early in the morning. 5:00-5:30 ish. He's wearing the standard black outfit, right? With the little white collar thing? Does that have a name? or is it just generally called clerical clothing? Also, its July or August. In muggy LA. Does this change his outfit? Even just, uncuffing the sleeves if he thinks he's alone?

Also, is it completely ridiculous 1. That he's there. and 2. that he's the only one there? Or, if there are other people running around the administrative offices, not that early maybe but at least through 7:00 AM, that he is the only one in the main sanctuary?

Also, choir robes. Any standard color, or just generally choir robe colors? And are they likely to have crucifixes on them anywhere? Even just the logo on a tag from the company, inside?

My Catholic church experience is limited to attending one church service, and being touristy in Cathedrals. So help is appreciated.
Tags: ~clothing, ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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