Jenny (arcee8) wrote in little_details,

Flower-Woven Bracelets

I recently saw a movie (Tristan and Isolde, to be exact) where the main character made bracelets out of a handful of flowers. I did a google search and found nothing on the subject. The story I'm writing is set in the 1500s about a young impoverish woman who is hung for becoming pregnant with the child of a much higher class married man of court.

The detail I'm looking for is simply to allow the reader to draw conclusions about her personality and also help set the mood for the setting and time period.

My question is: Does anyone know what the bracelets were made of? What kind of flowers, how they were made, etc...?

I would be eternally grateful for any information.


Edit: Thanks so much for the information - all of the answers you guys gave were extremely helpful. Now I have plenty of flowers to choose from and some great ideas for search queries in the future. Thanks again!
Tags: ~folklore (misc)

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