she of the bicolored hair (otoselkie) wrote in little_details,
she of the bicolored hair

Diners in the '50s and Harvard Square

I have no idea what to Google for this one:

What would be the busiest hours at a diner in a midsize town in Indiana during the 1950s? I know vaguely – morning, lunchtime, dinnertime – but typically what hours specifically would these be? What would be the least-busy times?

Here's an area-specific question:

When were the pole-shaped pay-telephones in Harvard Square (the ones by the Pit) installed? I've tried Googling various combinations of "Harvard Square" "pit" "telephone", but most of what I turn up just says that the pay phones exist, nothing about when they arrived.
Tags: 1950-1959, usa: indiana, usa: massachusetts

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