ex-girl (eelpot) wrote in little_details,

Suicide attempt - hospital treatment

Present time, location not important. ETA: I just want to know what's possible different places and see what fits the plot best while still being realistic in the way that it can happen/has happened somewhere. Since the story is slightly futuristic, I'm not too picky on where it happened, I just need something to go on.

A nineteen year old boy attempts suicide by cutting himself. He fails and is hospitilised. He is panicking and resisting treatment. Besides treating his injuries, what kind of treatment will he recieve?

Google phrases or online instructions are appreciated, I have tried googleing different combinations of "suicide attempt hospital treatment", but can't find anything relevant. I'm sorry if there is something blatantly obvious I've overlooked. Please tell me if there is...
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, usa: health care and hospitals, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~suicide

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