Cat Brooks (catbrooks) wrote in little_details,
Cat Brooks

Cliffs in Europe/Russia

Is there any location in Europe/Russia that has steep cliffs that are not by an ocean and are in a colder climate? It doesn't have to be too cold a climate, just seasonal enough for there to be substantial snow in the winter. I've googled many combinations of "Europe", "cliff", "steep cliff", and "glacier". I've found many oceanside cliffs, and a few suitable cliffs that are in too Mediterranean a climate for my purposes. I also found the perfect type of cliff geography in the Rockies -- most of Glacier National Park is perfectly suitable. If there aren't any good locations in Europe or Russia I could use that instead, but I would prefer Europe or Russia. I'm not sure how to go about searching for a suitable location in the Alps somewhere if the cliff isn't some sort of landmark. It doesn't have to be so notably big, but it has to be fairly steep. Taller than the canopy. And it doesn't have to have any sort of distance or spread.
Thanks! I hope that question wasn't too convoluted, lol.
Tags: russia (misc)

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