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I've never been to Rome or anywhere in Italy, and neither has Peter in the book I'm writing. Here's the thing. I need Peter to get some fairly long, though interesting, letters from his friend who is living in Rome for the summer (and only one summer) during 1992-ish.

Do you guys have any stories/experiences that you'd be willing to share with me, and for me to adapt a bit for my book? Those little details that make things real would be most appreciated. Colors, lights, impressions, etc. I need to do some research, but I don't want it to feel too inauthentic and/or straight from a guide book, so I figured people who had been to Rome might know best.

Also, I have specific questions for those who might have a lot of knowledge on this front--such as, where specifically in Rome might a moderately well-paid employee of the United Nations choose to live?

Thank you.
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