Chiclee (chicleeblair) wrote in little_details,

Kidnapping Investigation

Setting: New York (present day)

Google isn't helping me too much with this, and I don't realy want to rely on Without a Trace :) Also, Wiki's articles on abduction or kidnapping don't have investigation protocol

A twelve-year-old with autism is abducted from his house. His older sister calls the NYC police. 

The FBI would be called, right?

How quickly would they arrive?

Would local police be involved at all?

How involved could the parents be in the search, if they wanted to be?

Also, is it possible that if the sister came up with an idea for a lead several weeks after the initial disapparence they would dismiss her? Or would they be required to investigate? 
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), usa: government: law enforcement: fbi, usa: new york (misc)

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