caitak (caitak) wrote in little_details,

Time spent in hospital?

My character has been in hospital following an attack. She's bruised and has some minor cuts but the main worry was the fact she took a blow to the head. It left her semi-conscious and she's taken to hospital.

Google's given me plenty of info on serious brain injuries from car accidents and the like but I'm just wanting to know how long it's plausible to have her in hospital for?

From what I've read she'd be kept in overnight for observation at the least, but as she has no apparent fracture or bleeding would they discharge her the next day?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for all that (the link was helpful too :))

I've decided that she'll be allowed out the next day under the supervision of a friend, which works perfectly well with the rest of the story.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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