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The Likelihood of Sensing An Oncoming Schizophrenic Episode, And Killing A Person With Scissors

(This is my first post, so I'm hoping everything was done properly.)

My main character is a resident of a rather small town in Maine in the present day.

He suffers from a mild case of schizophrenia, and has had a small number of episodes in the past. During these episodes, his sexuality tends to change and he often takes on a rather effeminate form compared to the one his general behavior possesses.

I've searched several terms though Google, but have been unable to find, given his fairly normal state of being considering his case is a fairly mild one, whether or not he would be able to sense an episode coming on, or if it would be something that would overcome him so rapidly that he would have no preconcieved notion of when such an attack would occur.

Also, would he begin to pick up some of the traits of his more effeminate form, even while not under the influence of a schizophrenic episode?

And during one of these episodes, he ends up stabbing a female character with a pair of scissors, and ultimately kills her in the process. Would a stabbing gesture be more effective than slashing, and if so, where on the body would cause the quickest death? I'm thinking the neck or chest area, but I'm unsure.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've done some research on Multiple Personality Disorder, and based on everyone's opinions, I've decided to change my character's disorder from schizophrenia to that. Given my changes, I'd still like to know whether or not my questions are still applicable, and the answers to them based on the influence of Multiple Personality Disorder, rather than my original disorder. Thanks, everyone.

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